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"I have used Timber Wolf hand cleaner for more than ten years. It is the best mechanic's hand cleaner I have ever used, and it is very gentle on your hands. It also removes ink, wood stain, and almost every other thing that you can get your hands into. I have been in the mechanical field for more than 35 years."

-- B.H., North Carolina

"In the day to day business of grimy underground work, we have never found anything that cleans like Timber Wolf."

-- K.S., Ontario

"I work as a landscaper and I am very allergic to poison ivy. I had poison ivy when someone told me about Timber Wolf. The Wolf stopped the itching and dried up the rash. Now I always put it on before working in wooded and overgrown areas."

-- F.M., North Carolina

"As an avid fisherman living in central Florida and knowing it must be the mosquito capital of the world, I have had a chance to use the Timber Wolf lotion in some real outdoor swampy terrain. I must say that it has worked better than any other product I have ever used. In my experiences with the Timber Wolf product, I really feel that there is no second choice when it comes to protection against biting mosquitos. I've never been more satisfied."

-- Florida Fisherman

"Have you ever sprayed that chemical insect repellent on and felt the burn? Not with Timber Wolf. I have 3 children that would cry when I told them they had to be sprayed with that smelly, stinging, chemical stuff. Now that we have Timber Wolf, they ask if they can put on insect repellent...."

-- A.D.M., Texas